Elements CNU

ELEMENTS in white Carrara marble, 12 ton and 4 meter high at the entrance of CNU, Christopher Newport University, Virginia, USA.

2006, I was inviter by Newport News Public Art Foundation to compete for the monument symbolizing the vision of the university.

ELEMENTS expresses the fine balance between the students ’the new wind/the new ideas’ and the university with its history and its competence and capability.

A group of art students at CNU were active involved in the creation process by visiting Studio Sem in Pietrasanta, Italy making a photo blog showing the different phases of the process from the quarry, creating the sculpture, maneuver, transport and installation. The students took an important role inaugurating the sculpture October 2008.

Photos showing the process of creating ELEMENTS at Studio Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy and the installation at Christopher Newport University October 2008.

Film – the installation