Since May 2000 I spend most of my time at Studio Sem in Pietrasanta in North Tuscany sculpturing in marble. For 6 years I was President (and Vice President) of the Swedish Sculptor Association. I am also member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and the Norwegian Sculptor Association.

As an artist I learned to redirect my focus towards the intuitive and began listening to and interpreting the abstract language of my dreams and my body.


  • 2024 – Outdoor sculpture SOURCE in Statuario marble from Cava Cervaiole to be delivered in Spring to Norwegian art collector in Oslo, Norway
  • 2023 – SOURCE (blank polished bronze) and BIRTH (Vietnames marble) delivered to an art collector in Stockholm, Sweden in October
  • 2022 – ELEMENTS (Statuary marble), commissioned by NAV (the National Public Pension Fund), Oslo, Norway
  • 2021 – ELLIPSE (in white Carrara marble about 2 meter high, about 2 ton), commissioned by Umeå parish in Sweden. Inauguration July 14 2021
  • 2021 – PEACE (in white Carrara marble about 2 ton), commissioned by Strängnäs municipality, Sweden, and inaugurated May 29
  • 2020 – Il PASSAGIO and TIDEVANN (Tide), both in Statuario marble, Richeldis Fine Art England, January 2021
  • 2020 – ELEMENTS commissioned by Oslo City and installed January 2021 in Ceremoni room at Solfjellshøgda Helsehus, Oslo, Norway
  • 2020 – TOGETHER, two sculptures commissioned, Peter Millard and Partners Ltd, London, UK
  • 2019 –  IL PASSAGGIO, 800 kg in Carrara marble on granite base, Frösunda Church, Gnesta Sweden
  • 2018 – ELEMENTS, 1600 kg in Afyon marble on granite base, SAS Institute AB, Stora Frösunda Sweden
  • 2018 NIKE, 400 kg in white Carrara marble on granite base, Rome, Italy
  • 2017 The EGG, 800 kg in white Carrara marble, Majorca, Spain, SORAIA in Red Travertin from Iran to Delaware, USA and 5 sculptures to CASPAIOU Design & Interior, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • 2016 “SOURCE” in ice, about 1000 kg, Winter Festival, Uppsala, Sweden
  • 2015 Alison Pickett Corporation Art, Hong Kong
  • 2015 Söderköping, Sweden
  • 2008-2015 Oslo Innovation Award, commissioned by the City of Oslo after an open competition 2008
  • 2011 The Swedish State Art Fund for the project 7 artists in Cava Querciola, Carrara
  • 2008 ELEMENTS commissioned for Christopher Newport University, Virginia, USA by Newport News Public Art Foundation.
  • 2008 REFLECTIONS commissioned by Christian Rignes, OSLO, Norway
  • 2004-2013 Alison Pickett Corporation Art in Hong Kong, Foundation Art & Business, England and art collectors in Sweden, Norway, England, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Italy, USA and China.